A well-organized and prepared home office can help you focus on work. Whether it is large or small, making your office a place where you want to be will make you more productive and happier. A comfortable and healthy atmosphere will allow you to spend hours on projects that demand your attention. The key phrases for your home office make-over are calm and soothing.

Your desk should be at the correct height: too low will strain and too high will make using a keyboard or mouse difficult. Some desks have adjustable legs, like these from IKEA, that allow you to convert the work surface to a standing desk or sitting desk. Varying the height to suit your comfort is a good idea. Choose a comfortable chair with good support.

Shelving is very helpful for staying organized. You may want a wall unit with shelves and desk built-in or perhaps a simple secretary’s desk with some Billie bookcases will suite your decor. Closed shelves allow you to ‘put away’ your work at 5:00. If using open shelves, consider using decorative boxes to keep things tidy. Add labels such as “Shipping Department” and “Accessories” so you can find what you’re looking for, easily.

Paint colours can set the mood for your workspace. If it’s a separate room, you may want to paint all the walls a new colour. If your office is tucked away in a corner, just painting a feature wall or adding a wall hanging is okay, too. Choose a colour that will inspire you to create and sustain concentration levels. Mellow hues of sage and pale gold are friendly and meditative. Darker colours such as brown or griege may feel calming and serious. Keep in mind what sort of backdrop you would like to have for online meetings: Need a place to make notes? A stripe of dry erase paint will let you create a writing surface in any shape and size you like.

Remember to choose proper work lighting. The temperature of light can affect mood. Temperature is measured in degrees of Kelvin with warmer light associated with lower Kelvin temperatures. For example, a 5500 value will have a cold bluish feel that is excellent for work that requires your attention. A value of 2500 is more ‘yellow’ and better suited to mood lighting in living spaces. You might want to have a table lamp with a value around 3500 and a small LED lamp with a cool light. Spread light around your workspace so you’re not sitting with your back to the dark.