You may have visited a new home while shopping for real estate. They are the benchmark for home buyers everywhere. House-hunters will visit a show home and then compare everything else they see to that standard. The first thing you might notice is the modern, trendy exterior. Around the side of the house there may be an eco-smart perk like a heat pump or solar installation. Walking through the front door, the wonderful fragrance of new paint, carpet, and woodwork embraces you. The building has a good feeling that invites people to look around.

Most people choose the quickest and simplest route to home-ownership, which is to buy a resale home. These buyers do not need to wait for construction to finish. Purchasing new can mean a year or more for your home to be built. But this waiting period is offset by less competition in the buying process, a chance to influence the design of your home, and possibly a break for your budget.

Subdivision developers like to sell homes that are complete and in the pre-construction phase. If your new home hasn’t been built yet, it’s an opportunity to customize the floor plan and personalize it. Choose your own fittings, fixtures, and decorating scheme to suite your tastes and lifestyle. Add a closet or have the dining room painted in that lovely shade of gold you’ve always admired.

Alternatively, you can purchase a lot and then hire a builder to create the home of your dreams. By bringing together the pieces, such as land, the design, and pre-construction surveys, it’s possible to save some money. Some people will find this appealing, especially if they have the skills and experience to help work through the process. If not, and you want a new home, then you may want to consider purchasing from a developer.

There are some questions to ask yourself when purchasing in a new neighbourhood. For example, are you okay with living in a construction zone for a year or more? It can take a while for the homes to be built, the streets and sidewalks to be swept clean, and landscaping to begin growing. There may be noise during the day that can take some getting used to, especially if a home is being erected on a neighbouring lot. If the development is in a previously undeveloped part of your city or town, be sure to ask the developer about neighbourhood amenities typically found in master planned communities.

The advantages of buying new are significant. Some new homes are more expensive upfront but have lower maintenance and operating costs. They may also have a higher resale value for the first decade or so. Modern homes have smart technology built in to help manage comfort features such as climate control and security. They are also more efficient compared to older homes due to improved construction methods and materials. New homes are also covered by a multi-year warranty, depending on where you live.

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