We had pretty specific requirements for what we wanted to purchase. Three other realtors had come up with discouragingly short lists. One of those three took the time to show us around for a day, but pressured us into putting an offer on a place we weren’t crazy about because “there were multiple offers”. We withdrew our offer an hour before it would have been too late and were not surprised a week later to see that place hadn’t sold. Discouraged, we decided to wait until something better came on the market.

A few days later the fishing was good, we limited out by 8:30 am, so we went for a drive and dropped into Pemberton Holmes in Sooke on a whim. Everyone in that office went out of their way to help us and seemed to understand exactly what our priorities were. Niki Engel printed us out over 100 places to look at. The one we fell in love with had some issues and the sale was so complicated it took six weeks, two extensions, two bottles of Tums, and we thought every single day that it wasn’t going to happen for an ever-evolving multitude of reasons. Niki was amazing, answering every text and email within minutes even on weekends and holidays, digging up resources we never could have found by ourselves, driving hours out of her way after hours to get signatures, and following up with people who were not doing things in a timely manner.

We would not have gotten the place we wanted without Niki. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for property anywhere on the Island.